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Considered by many as the island of eternal spring, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has an enviable climate, far away from extremes, as average temperatures range from 17 to 18 degrees during its pleasant winter up to 28 and 30 degrees in the summer.

Sea water temperatures are very nice for bathers all the year round in any of the very numerous and attractive beaches that Tenerife’s environment is blessed with.

This splendid climatic situation is possible thanks to a number of converging factors such as the prevailing winds –the trade winds- , the orography and the cold sea current of the Canary Isles.

Visitors may arrive either in December or May, that is, whenever it suits them better, because here there are no intense cold or excessive heat seasons.

In addition, Tenerife has a huge variety of landscapes which thus favors the existence of many microclimates that have become one of the main attractions for millions of tourists who seek refuge in these retreats every year.

The climate offers unforgettable contrasts. The most impressive one takes place during some of the winter months when beaches keep attracting bathers and at the same time, one can behold from any point of the coast the white silhouette of snow-capped Mountain Teide, a few kilometers from the coast along a straight line.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a city with a regularly warm weather, but during the winter, if one travels from the capital to downtown La Laguna, we then recommend to take some winter clothes, because just a few kilometers away the temperature could considerably drop and the rain could even be falling frequently.

Another interesting issue is that during the year sunlight hours last longer in the South and humidity and rainfall are higher in the North, which thus favors the existence of so many different landscapes and colors in a climate that is characterized by remarkable contrasts.



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